IDETER it created in 1994 to develop and manufacture industrial kilns and combustion equipment, meeting the demands and giving technical solution to projects that our clients over the years have brought us.

We have a wide range of models of kilns and technical solutions for the optimization of the production processes of companies. Our developments are present in the areas of heat treatment, pyrolyzing, Cremation, metal, fire testing laboratory, ceramics, metalwork, etc.

We can adapt to the specific needs of each of our clients. Kilns developed by IDETER can be built to use different types of energies such as gas (butane, propane and natural), Diesel (Diesel) Fuel, Electricity and biomass.


Because of the ongoing research work and accumulated experience in this field we will guarantee savings in fuel consumption and excellent quality in the final product.

Our kilns incorporate the latest technological developments in the field of industrial process control, such as PLCs, programmable displays, controllers communicating via modem and ramps for easy operation.

Your safety is paramount to IDETER, the materials used for the manufacture of our products are top quality and each of its components comply with the standards set for this type of machines within the European Community.

In response to the growing demand for cremation of people, IDETER developed this line of kilns in order for companies to provide this service, ensuring efficient combustion of the corpse and organic elements.

Need help? Contact us

Need help? Contact us